Hello Friends of EAST!

Save the date for our 25th Anniversary Celebration as we recount God’s goodness and faithfulness over the years ~ RSVP above. We desire to likewise look forward with the vision He has given us for more years of “developing Christ-like leaders for the Great Commission.”


Please post your congratulatory note, share your testimony and sweet memories of your time at EAST!

4 Replies to “Hello Friends of EAST!”

  1. I was a visiting student at EAST in the years 2003-2005.
    My favorite lecturer was Dr. Walter Steitz. He was very knowledgeable, and also very kind and patient. I took both OT and NT classes under him. Dr. Steitz served God faithfully in EAST until the day he died.

    1. Hi Amelia
      Thanks for giving us a bit of history and your experience at EAST.
      Keep visiting! warmest regards….cch

  2. I attended EAST in the years 1998-2001. As a proud and grateful EAST Alumnus, I offer my most sincere congratulations to EAST on its 25th Anniversary! I speak on behalf of God’s family here at Tabernacle of Grace, Goshen Land, Nkpor-Nigeria when I say how grateful I am for all that EAST has done in helping me to answer the call of God upon my life. To God be all the glory! I’d like to appreciate those early, EAST pioneer leaders and my teachers (such as Dr Tan Hock Seng, Dr Wilson Lau, Dr Chioa Ek Ho, Dr Roland & Ying Kheng Tan, Dr Walter Steitz, Dr Rick & Laurel Langston, Dr Victor Koh, etc) who believed and acted upon an idea that EAST would be useful to fulfill the Great Commission. Your sacrifices have given many of us the wings by which we fly today. Shalom!

  3. Thanks so much for your kind wishes as EAST celebrates 25 years of His faithfulness and gracious working in lives of so many like your good self. The school continues in the rich legacy of EAST pioneers with singular vision and resolve seeking to honour God and raising servant leaders for His Kingdom work across the mission field like yours. We praise God for past and current leaders, faculty and staff who serve Him with unwavering commitment to fulfil His call for EAST. Praising God with you for His faithfulness and favour.

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